How to keep isolation stress from hurting your relationship


See the 6 tips mentioned in the video, below.

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Our world has been turned upside down. Our daily routines have changed and we have been forced into “closed quarters“ with spouses and family members. Lawyers are reporting a spike in couples filings for divorce.

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“The Harmful Effects of Social Isolation on Relationships”As heard on Passionate World Talk Radio. Lisa Sawicki’s interview Educates, Enlightens, and offers problem-solving, and Self-Coaching techniques.



The 6 Tips: How to Keep Isolation Stress from Hurting Your Relationship
Author: Alicia Summers (Reporter)
Published: 6:33 PM PDT April 8, 2020
How to keep isolation stress from hurting your relationship. A certified relationship coach shared six healthy relationship strategies to reset before couples create toxic damage to their relationship.

SAN DIEGO — Many relationships are extremely challenged right now with self-isolation. All important relationships take a lot of emotional intelligence and skills during normal days. These days, life is anything but normal.

Certified relationship and life coach Lisa Sawicki shared these six healthy relationship strategies to remember before couples create toxic damage to their relationship.

1) Make time (without the children nearby) to have a safe place to calmly communicate what important needs you each have right now throughout the day in your shared home. Practice being kind, empathetic, and compassionate. Practice active listening.

2) Be extra understanding and helpful to each other. Random acts of kindness go a long way.

3) Give each other personal space in the home, as well healthy boundaries.  Personal Space + Healthy Boundaries = Healthy Relationships

4) Find compromises for needed chores and problem-solving.

5) Don’t stop doing what you need to do even if your partner doesn’t do the same thing. That idea applies to phone calls, FaceTiming, eating habits, sleeping habits, and alone time.

6) Each person should make a list of coping, soothing stress relievers that you can do each by yourself, together, or for each other. Sawicki said this is “priceless.”


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