Healthy Boundaries

A few tips on healthy boundaries will give you self assurance

Need Life Help?

One of the first things you need is healthy boundaries!

My name is Lisa Sawicki and I am a certified Life Coach in San Diego, California. For years I’ve been helping people who need life help.

healthy boundariesKnow that you have a right to personal healthy boundaries. What are healthy boundaries? Let me explain a few things:

  • Healthy boundaries are about knowing who you are.
  • Healthy boundaries are about knowing where you end and another starts.
  • Creating these boundaries creates intimacy because true relationships happen only between individuals.
  • Understanding healthy boundaries is easy but implementing it takes practice and patience.
    Every person has the right to instill healthy boundaries with each of their relationships and must learn how to instill these boundaries and how to take responsibility for how you allow others to treat you. Your boundaries act as healthy filters permitting what is acceptable in your life and what is not. If you don’t have boundaries that protect and define you, you tend to derive your sense of worth from others. To avoid this situation, I teach and work with individuals on how to set clear and decisive limits so you are comfortable and other people in your life will respect them and reinforce them.

Many people have the tendency to be ‘ people pleasers’ and have a difficult time saying “NO”when they should or need to. Obviously, this can end up being very destructive to a healthy relationship. How do you learn to stick up for yourself? Call me and let me help you with these issues. It’s not hard to understand but it takes an experienced life coach to make the change.

Don’t wait, call me today and let me help you discover what healthy boundaries ‘look like’ and how you can incorporate them into your daily life. You’ll be enriched and invigorated. Better yet, you’ll begin to have a better relationship with yourself and others!

Don’t wait for your life to get confusing or worse, destructive. Call me today.  (619) 722-5056



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