What can a good life coach do for you?

Are you ready to be calm, effective, productive, decisive and happy?

Do you need a little help to get your life sorted out?  A good life coach can make all the difference!  You’ve come to the right place.

I have ​created a coaching program that has proven to be easy and highly effective for all of my clients. This program teaches daily skills for:
  • Powerful and Loving Self Talk
  • “The Mirror”  Self Awareness Process
  • Sensible  and Creative Problem Solving

A good life coach, like myself, can teach you Self Awareness, Positive Self Talk and Everyday Self Coaching. The results from learning these skills are fast, powerful and create small to large shifts everyday.

Sign up today for your ​6​ Life Coaching phone sessions and dramatically enhance your inner world creating a more powerful and desired life.

To Register for The Life Coach Program:

  1. Please email me at info@selfcoachnow.com or call 619.722.5056.
  2. I will contact you by phone or email within 24 hours to set up our appointment.

This Will Prove To Be One Of The Best Decisions and Investments of YOU  You Ever Made

good life coachYou will learn:

  • The power of your inner thoughts and how they relate to your outer actions.
  • Positive and specific daily self coaching techniques and skills
  • To direct your actions and reactions whether it is emotionally positive, negative or just the same.
  • You will quickly began creating powerful and expanding “shifts” including becoming:
    • More calm
    • Self Directed
    • Productive
    • Decisive
    • In control of your schedule
    • Confident
    • Taking things less personally
    • Resilient
    • Aware of healthy boundaries and desired commitments
    • Self controlled and self accepting
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