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Coach Yourself and Become Productive, Creative, and Peaceful

It is possible, even in these trying times, to be productive, creative and peaceful. How you ask?

Let me show you techniques that will:

  • manage your daily emotions and upsets
  • understand “next step” actions and options
  • become self aware so that logic and reason can rule you
  • become aware of “circumstancial awareness” that will allow that logic and reason to work
  • learn effective problem solving skills

Don’t spend your precious life worrying and feeling anxious about whatever it is that is going on. There is way out. Remember, that life challenges are what is forging your character and so rising up to face them is mandatory. But being overwhelmed is counterproductive.

Is it really possible to coach yourself?

I’ve been a life coach for years and have taught many, many people the skills they need to cope. I call it self-coaching. Why is it important to know how to do this? Because you can’t have a life coach with you at every moment. So, you need these skills that you can use whenever, and wherever you are. Easy right?

Well, it’s not that easy unless you have someone give you the tips and techniques that really work. Life can overwhelm us. When that happens it becomes very difficult to see things objectively. You begin to feel sorry for yourself and depression can set in. What’s the best way out of that spiral? A great life coach who can teach you how to coach yourself.

To learn how to coach yourself call me!

Don’t hesitate to call me. We can schedule a time to meet via Zoom or in person and you can start on the road to learning how to COACH YOURSELF through life’s trials and tribulations.

Don’t hesitate, call me and get control of your life today!

(619) 722-5056

or email me at:

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Freedom Around Food

Feeling Freedom Around Food

Freedom Around FoodInterested in Feeling Freedom Around Food?

Most people have food restrictions and food allergies today even if it is the most common one of gaining weight.

That being said, an individual(s) inside a family should never be made to feel different or high maintenance. We all have learned that each one of us has to manage food lifestyle choices. No person escapes that for physical comfort and health.

It’s important to not feel like you’re just someone with diabetes. Understand we are ‘all on the same playing field’. We all need to make eating a healthy and desirable experience. Come at the issue from delicious ‘food abundance’ as opposed to ‘food deprivation’.

What are some of the things you can do to gain freedom around food?

  • Use of color, textures, tastes, presentation, herbs, spices and variety
  • Think about food as the ‘Gift of Nourishment and the Gift of Eating’
  • Keep your food looking fresh, organized, and easy to see and get to from your refrigerator.
  • Plan great meals ahead of time and enjoy the process of that preparation
  • Know the restaurants that work well for everyone with all their various food needs.
  • Make all of this a priority and a real food art project. Make it fun and embracing.
  • Create some easy and healthy ‘go to’ snacks when you have zero energy or time to create a meal.
  • Have in-stock the foods you love ready to go in your refrigerator and your car

Star your new food / ‘eating art 4 life ‘ project right now. Make time to think and prepare. Embrace it with creativity, insight and passion. We have to eat…smart. Just like anything else we have to do things to obtain our best results. Consequently, if we have to eat smart then I say let it be enjoyable and delicious!

It is incredibly worth the overall healthy results and good, freeing feelings. Here is another article you can read about freedom from food.

If you have other questions about food, dieting, or just getting your skills around food dialed in call me! So, I’m happy to meet with you in person and give you even more life skills about this very important matter.

~Lisa Sawicki

(619) 722-5056

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