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How Your Thoughts are Coaching You

It dawned on me through my coaching practice that our mind chatter and inner thoughts are actually coaching each person. Sixteen hours a day most of us are awake and we are having our thoughts, our feelings, our reactions, our emotions, our responses, and our questions. We make internal decisions all the time, weather their right, wrong, fair, delusional, practical, insecure, or grandious. We listen to other people speak and inside we interpret what we think we hear. We tell ourselves from the moment we wake up what next to do, or not to do. As I have been coaching my clients once a week with some very powerful results, I realized that they still have 111 waking hours during the week that I am not coaching them, they are coaching themselves. This breakthrough realization for me profpted to create a realistic positive and powerful self talk awareness and skills to teach my clients, and to incorporate in my own life.

Blue Weights, Green Apple, and Tape Measure

How it works is; first of all everyone needs to create a good and long enough 7-8 hours sleeping environment. As always known,  good sleep is one of the best things you can do to yourself. Everyone needs to get good sleep. When you wake up in the morning you need to direct yourself to do the things that feel good for you. For some people that might be having coffee or tea in bed. For about fifteen or twenty minutes to wake up and gear themselves up for the upcoming day. Then, you need to figure out what makes sense to do in the morning to get ready for work or to create your whole day. Many people find exercise is a great thing to do in the morning, to start their day and get it off their to do list. But for some people, they choose to exercise later in the day or not at all. Here are some basic goals that your inner talk can direct you to handle for a optimum day.

Get good;

  • Sleep
  • Food nourishment (healthy meal preparation)
  • Exercise (even if its 15 minutes)
  • Good hygiene
  • Positive inner thoughts
  • Avoid unnecessary stressful conversations (a friend, neighbor, or relative who is dumping stress on you)
  • Pace and schedule your day comfortably (don’t over schedule, over commit, or make a too large daily to do list)
  • You need “me time”; time for meditation, relaxation, pleasure, and fun. Many people enjoy being with nature for their me time.
  • Create a doable to do list
  • Any admisntrative work (bill paying, preparing for work, projects, and other goal projects)
  • Home matenince

How does our inner thoughts and inner talk actually direct us? We have constant mind discussions, your brain is talking to you all the time, telling you what to do. Also, we are forcing what you think you feel. For example; if someone wakes up in the morning, and they know they should exercise but they dont really feel like it. Their brain is saying to them, “I don’t really feel like exercising im just going to blow it off”. What I am suggesting is instead of just letting your inner talk say “I am not in the mood to do it, I want to blow it off,” how about shifting your inner talk to say to yourself “even though im not in the mood to exercise, I know how good it is for me, and how much better I feel if I do even 20 minutes of something. Why don’t I just get up and do 20 minutes of something, the reward will be great and I feel really good about myself”.

Lisa Sawicki, July 2015

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