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emotional health

Emotional Health Will Transform Relationships

Creating Transformative Relationship with Self and Others

Learning the Skills you need for this “ART FORM”

by Lisa Sawicki

Those people with excellent emotional health are those who can control their emotions and behavior. In addition, those with emotional health will show resilience during troubling and challenging situations. Furthermore, people with emotional health can build strong and lasting relationships during their lifetime.  This desired state of emotional health requires:

  • knowledge
  • dedication
  • effort

A healthy emotional state doesn’t just happen.

So, let’s start by giving you some of the knowledge you need to achieve emotional health.

The Characteristics of Emotional Health

Emotional Health is steeped in positive characteristics, meaning that positive emotions are pertinent to achieving emotional health. Emotionally healthy people have a:

  • Sense of Contentment
  • Zest for Life
  • Ability to deal with Stress and Obstacles
  • Sense of Meaning and Purpose in Life
  • Flexibility to learn and adapt
  • Balance between Work, Play and ‘You’ time
  • Ability to Create and Maintain Relationships
  • Self Confidence
  • High Self Esteem

Emotional health is more than optimism. It is an authentic understanding of what truly makes us happy. Being emotionally healthy does not imply the absence of all negative emotions. In addition, it is not faking positive emotions when they are not genuinely felt.

Emotional health is reached when you learn to accept yourself with love, compassion and respect. Above all, it’s in those instances where you make mistakes, feel rejected, or encounter setbacks in your life where you can exercise that muscle that allows your emotional health to grow!

Think of emotional health as a workout

Embrace challenges. For example, see even little challenges as an opportunity to cultivate new reaction habits. Furthermore, surprise your family and friends with a new approach. Sometimes when we change others around us change too.

Above all practice emotional intelligence and be your own Life Coach throughout the day. Slow down and notice your behavior. This starts with three critical elements:

  • Identify when you feel yourself behaving in ways you’d like to change
  • Understand there is a different and improved way to handle things
  • Use your own emotions and your imagination to determine how you want to behave next time
  • Consider positive ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Things like exercise, meditation, and play are helpful in this regard.

Do you need a life coach? I can help! My name is Lisa Sawicki and I have devoted my life to helping others with their emotional health. Call me today for a free evaluation.

(619) 722-5056

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