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Dating tips San Diego

Is Dating Making You Crazy? Dating Tips San Diego

Interested in dating tips San Diego?
Can you relate to these typical dating issues:

  • Social anxiety or shyness, and very little experience with dating?
  • Experience with dating, but afraid of rejection?
  • Starting over after divorce or the end of a relationship, and confused over how to start dating again?
  • Experience with dating, but not connecting with the right people?

These issues can be solved. As a trained San Diego Life Coach, I have years of experience helping my clients reach out and achieve the relationship they have longed for! I can help you discover the importance of first impressions, insecurities, and critical judgements. You can get past these things with the proper life coaching.

How can I meet the right person and keep them? If you’re a San Diego single let me help you with:

  • How to be successful at dating and finding who’s right for you.
  • Becoming confident and sociable and not intimidated by people you’re interested in.
  • Breaking the cycle of attracting the wrong people over and over.
  • Figuring out how to steer clear of people who aren’t good for you.
  • Keeping that special someone in your life once you do find them.

In addition, when relationships do not go the way you want and you face having to reject someone or the very worst … getting rejected, these issues can be handled with grace and ease. Learn how!

Dating can feel so very scary and vulnerable. I know. I have been there. Here are some more dating tips San Diego.

Here are some dating tips San Diego singles to make it much easier:

  1. Always be your most confident, and classiest self. You must always be proud of your behavior.
  2. Try to set a tone where you and your date feel comfortable. This is so important even if you feel you have nothing much in common. Try your best to connect easily for the time you spend together. It’s just a date, not a commitment.
  3. Remember a date is a ” play date” not an interview or a debate. Your dating goal is to try to have an enjoyable time. Don’t make it so serious. If it’s meant to be, your date will turn into a romantic relationship naturally.
  4. If you can, try not to personalize it and feel discouraged if your date or new relationship doesn’t work out. I know from experience how challenging that can be.
  5. Find out some basic information:
    • Are they available to you or not?
    • Can you see the future you want with this person?
    • Do you share similar values?
    • Are you attracted to him/her?
  6.  If these basic questions are not answered positively you can move on to other dating prospects that will be more suitable for you. It might take a little time if your heart was really invested . However, that’s ok… always nurture and care for yourself… no matter what happens to you. You owe that to yourself and deserve that!

Check back for more dating tips San Diego!

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